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Open Fire Pewter Casting
Open Fire Pewter Casting

Open Fire Pewter Casting


It’s alchemy! Alright. It’s not alchemy but it’s like alchemy. Led by Lupine Adventure.  

We may not be turning base-metal into gold but we will be turning it into lovely and curious charms over an open fire in the Slung Low wood. What could be more magical than that?


Lead-free pewter’s low melting point means that it liquefies over a wood fire and can be poured, like quicksilver, into moulds you’ve carved into cuttlefish bone. Yes. The stuff budgies chew on. We’ll provide all the materials, equipment and a little inspiration.


Transport to and from the wood will be provided.


Please bring a packed lunch and dress for the weather and conditions underfoot.



About Slung Low


All college events are “pay what you decide” but there is a limited capacity. To register your place please click on the BUY button below (no payment will be taken at the time of booking).


Once you have booked, Slung Low will follow up before the session to say hello, give you some more details of what to expect on the day, and to answer any questions you may have.


Looking forward to seeing you at The Holbeck soon.

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