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Provoked To Madness By The Brutality Of Wealth
Provoked To Madness By The Brutality Of Wealth

a homeless hostel'support worker' once said 'what dya need books for yr

homeless?'. ourrevenge was thirteen years of reading, graduating from the

open university,2016. this highly visual performance is all about asking

questions,regaining our voices, 'rewriting the future.' we kick the bucket,

demonstrate how redtape saves lives, ask is the money happy?, offer

creativeresistances and ultimately estate-agent plastic gets turned into a wee

home lit by a book.theres crime-scene tape and free zines for all and you can even send back yourown uses of that crime scene tape post-show

AboutThe Holbeck 

The Holbeck is a community club that welcomes everyone, run by Slung Low.
Our address is The Holbeck, Jenkinson Lawn, Holbeck, LS119QX
This show is “Pay What You Decide” - you decide how much to pay after you havetaken part.

The show has a limited capacity, so if you change your mind before the event,please let us know by emailing boxoffice@slunglow.org to ensure we don’t turnothers away unnecessarily.
Please note that the venue is cash only.

Please note that this event will be in accordance with the social distancerequirements.

If you would like to discuss your access requirements, don’t hesitate to giveus a call on 0113 2260808.

The street immediatelyaround the club is permit-holders only but there’s permit free parking onHolbeck Moor Road, which is the road that runs alongside the park just down theroad.

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  • The Holbeck, Leeds
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